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ZBest Studios Ceramic is a stackable, revolutionary liquid nano-ceramic coating pushing the boundaries of 10H hardness. After curing, this technology undergoes a remarkable transformation, creating a long-lasting glass shield that is both resilient and flexible. Think of it as an extra layer of transparent protection, boasting three times the hardness of traditional coatings while maintaining self-cleaning properties.

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Once ZBest Studios Ceramic coating undergoes the curing process, its hardness reaches an impressive level approaching 10H. In comparison, regular clear coat typically falls within the hardness range of 2H to 4H. The significant increase in surface hardness sets ZBest Studios Ceramic apart, positioning it as the toughest paint coating available in the market today. This innovative glass shield acts as a protective barrier, effectively preventing minor scratches on your clear coat. It serves as a sacrificial layer, ensuring the preservation of the original factory paint for an extended period.
With its glossy and slick characteristics, the nano technology employed in our Ceramic coating enables the nanoparticles to penetrate even the tiniest pores in the paint. This process results in the creation of a shiny, smooth, and remarkably hydrophobic glass shield. By significantly reducing surface tension, our Ceramic coating effectively repels environmental contaminants like bird droppings, bugs, dirt, tar, and even graffiti paint. Water effortlessly removes dirt from the surface by encapsulating it, causing it to roll off smoothly. This remarkable phenomenon is commonly referred to as the self-cleaning effect.
In the event of surface scratches on the coating, they can be effortlessly eliminated through gentle polishing without compromising the integrity of the original clear coat. Moreover, ZBest Studios Ceramic provides exceptional UV protection within its glass coating, ensuring that your paint remains vibrant and resistant to fading or aging. Consider the Ceramic coating as an extra layer of clear coat, except significantly tougher. These remarkable features offer you peace of mind and allow for an enhanced experience with your vehicle, even in challenging environments.
ZBest Studios Ceramic offers a permanent solution for protection. It requires a one-time application, provided it is appropriately maintained. Once the Ceramic glass shield has fully cured, it can only be removed through abrasion methods such as polishing or wet sanding. This unique characteristic places ZBest Studios Ceramic in a league of its own when compared to sealants or waxes that tend to degrade rapidly over time.



ZBest Studios Ceramic will provide an extraordinary mirror effect, unmatched glossiness, and remarkable depth of color. These exceptional visual enhancements set it apart from anything else available. With diligent maintenance, your car's finish will continue to radiate brilliance and luster for many years to come.


Thanks to the slick coated surface, dirt, brake dust, and tar are unable to adhere to your vehicle's paint, wheels, or glass. As a result, the task of washing your vehicle becomes significantly less labor-intensive and less frequent. The need for waxing is rendered obsolete due to the effective protection provided by the coating.


The application of the coating ensures lifelong protection for both the exterior and interior of your vehicle, preventing deterioration over time. As a result, the resale market value of your vehicle will experience a significant boost. This means that investing in ZBest Studios Ceramic ultimately proves to be a financially wise decision, as it pays for itself in the long run.
ZBest Studios Ceramic offers unmatched protection for all areas of your vehicle. The same advanced 10H protection technology can be utilized for your interiors, wheels and glass. Check out our additional products below for your specific needs.


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