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ZBest Studios has been meticulously crafted to serve as a versatile and robust protective coating for various surfaces. Its sophisticated formulation gives rise to a resilient and pliable glass barrier, guaranteeing unparalleled durability and strength. Specifically tailored for heavy industry applications, ZBest Studios Industrial takes its place within this product lineup. It acts as an extra safeguarding shield, characterized by exceptional hardness and the ability to self-clean.

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ZBest Studios nano-ceramic coatings for use in industrial applications offer the same ground-breaking performance and experience for just about every industry on the planet. Never before has such a modern and high-performing ceramic coating been available to work across multiple industries.
These surfaces include materials like glass on the side of buildings or inside stores. Surfaces like marble countertops can be kept clean and stain-free with less effort. Wood can be sealed and protected from UV rays and humidity.
With ZBest Studios Ceramic, companies can apply the same level of protection and surface slickness you’ve come to expect for automotive paint, on a plethora of other surfaces.
The list of surfaces that can be coated with ZBest Studios Ceramic is literally endless. Finally, there is a coating that offers permanent protection and unparalleled slickness for any industry imaginable.



ZBest Studios Ceramic, utilizing highly advanced nanotechnology, offers exceptional effectiveness on all industrial surfaces. Once cured, its composition forms a robust and enduring barrier, showcasing resistance against solvents, acids, alkalis, UV rays, harsh weather conditions, and corrosion.


The coating provides comprehensive protection for a wide range of surfaces, including pipelines, steel structures, rims, marine vessels, facades, windows, airplanes, oil rigs, public transportation, building materials, and road signs. With the application of ZBest Studios Ceramic, the longevity of these exposed surfaces experiences a remarkable boost.


The coated surface effortlessly repels dirt, mud, and other contaminants, preserving its integrity and preventing premature aging. The reduced need for frequent and costly maintenance makes ZBest Studios Ceramic a valuable investment for any business operating within the heavy industry sector.


Windows & Facades

The coating exhibits excellent protective properties against hard water, calcium buildup, watermarks, sand, and dirt on the surface. Water hitting the coated surface forms beads that roll off, carrying away any dirt or contaminants present, resulting in a self-cleaning effect.


When applied to treated marble, ZBest Studios Ceramic enhances its glossiness and imparts exceptional liquid repellency. The coating effectively safeguards the surface against various stains and scratches, while allowing the stone to breathe. Once the product is applied, there is no need for additional waxes or sealants.


ZBest Studios Ceramic can be applied to a wide range of wood surfaces, serving as a superior alternative to oils, stains, and sealants. By doing so, it provides protection against damaging UV rays and water. Moreover, the durability of the coating is extensive, ensuring long-lasting performance.


Graffiti artists often target train cars and wall paintings worldwide. However, with the application of ZBest Studios protective coating, graffiti paint fails to bond to the surface, enabling its easy removal with a simple pressure wash. Furthermore, on train cars, the coating offers protection against brake spark burn marks.

Heavy Equipment

Vehicles coated with ZBest Studios Ceramic benefit from enhanced exterior protection, effectively guarding against various forms of abuse and significantly reducing maintenance costs. The coating prevents materials from sticking to the vehicle's exterior, making it easier to clean.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel, despite its name, is not always stainless. However, ZBest Studios Ceramic forms a bonding layer on stainless steel, providing additional protection and a glossy appearance when desired.
Plane Helicopter Aviation Ceramic


ZBest Studios Ceramic offers reliable protection for aircraft, safeguarding them against extreme climates and contaminants. The coating, when applied in multiple layers and maintained properly, prevents rain erosion, sky drawl, and icing. Additionally, it contributes to reduced drag, resulting in fuel savings.


To lower maintenance costs and protect pipelines from corrosion, ZBest Studios Ceramic proves highly effective. The slick surface created by the coating prevents dirt, oil, and debris from adhering, leading to a significant reduction in maintenance requirements.


ZBest Studios coatings find valuable applications in textiles and fabrics. They are ideal for waterproofing and stain protection of outdoor awnings, tents, backpacks, harsh weather clothing, and industrial safety equipment, among other uses.

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