AERO Immaculate Cleaner

$ 19.99 USD
When challenged to clean aircraft with multi-million dollar interiors and return them to looking like they are new, our detail teams at International AERO Services turn to IMMACULATE interior cleaner. Unsatisfied with every product we ever tried, we developed IMMACULATE to be the safe and superior cleaner that it is today. Trusted to outperform all other interior cleaners, our own detailers have built their reputations using this amazing product. To ensure that our aerospace clients keep their planes looking their best, we recommend they use this product between every major detail service. Now available to you, IMMACULATE is the secret to how flight crews around the globe keep their VIP aircraft looking brand new. Imagine how IMMACULATE your car’s interior will look after using it. Use IMMACULATE on all your interior surfaces to give you that “just-detailed” look. In just minutes, your entire interior will look sharp and smell fresh. Quickly cleans carpet, upholstery, interior plastics, vinyl, leather, rubber, metal and even audio/video equipment with ease. This safe formula lifts off dust, ashes, dirt, grime, spills and fingerprints. IMMACULATE leaves your interior surfaces looking natural and revitalized while smelling great.
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