AERO Revolution Microfiber Pads

$ 10.52 USD
It is time for a detailing REVOLUTION. After years of development, AERO has come up with the perfect microfiber buffing and polishing pads. These pads are durable and forgiving, while providing the perfect blend of cutting and finishing. The entire series of AERO REVOLUTION microfiber pads are pre- treated to eliminate initial dusting associated with other brands. The AERO REVOLUTION RED microfiber pads are compounding and buffing pads; they will remove swirls and scratches. This will give you a clean canvas to apply the perfect finishing touch. The AERO REVOLUTION BLUE microfiber pads were created to polish and finish the job by removing the lightest of scratches and swirls. When used correctly, the AERO REVOLUTION pads will give you the perfect finish every time.
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