AERO Revolution Wool and Synthetic Pads

$ 20.95 USD
The AERO REVOLUTION line of buffing pads are designed to restore and maintain the finish of multi-million dollar jets. These pads are in use today by our sister company International AERO Services, one of the world’s most respected VIP jet detailing companies. The AERO REVOLUTION 7.5” wool pads are extreme compounding pads. They’ll easily remove the heaviest of swirls and scratches. With extra rows of high-density wool and multiple layers of lamination, these pads are designed to be laundered and used repeatedly. The AERO REVOLUTION 7.5” synthetic wool blend pad is slightly less aggressive than our wool pad but still features a similar exceptional durability. These pads remove swirl marks and imperfections. When used correctly, AERO REVOLUTION synthetic pads will give you perfect results every time.
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