Aero Shield Diamond Bright

$ 359.99 USD
AERO SHIELD DIAMOND BRIGHT Ceramic Coating 100 mL Bottle - Aviation grade for all brightwork surfaces. AERO SHIELD DIAMOND BRIGHT AND BARRIER are 10H ceramic coatings that bring together the highest quality German ingredients and a reduced solvent structure at produce truly world-class results. Using cutting edge Nano Hexagonal Matrix Technology, in conjunction with unsurpassed levels of SiO2, AERO SHIELD DIAMOND will give you a rich, deep gloss while protecting your investment from UV fade, scratches and environmental damage far beyond traditional products. AERO SHIELD DIAMOND BRIGHT is a specially formulated aviation grade 10H ceramic coating for brightwork. BRIGHT bonds to polished metal surfaces creating a barrier that increases the slip stream effect while providing a durable finish that outlasts anything on the market today. AERO SHIELD DIAMOND BRIGHT blocks 99.9% of UV and most contaminants from scratching or penetrating the surface causing drag and reduced fuel efficiency. AERO SHIELD DIAMOND BRIGHT has a chemical resistance that is so strong it will eliminate etching from most cleaners, degreasers and deicers, keeping your leading edges as pristine as the day they were polished. Use AERO SHIELD DIAMOND BRIGHT for all leading edge.
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