AERO Shield Diamond Crystal - Glass

$ 69.99 USD
AERO SHIELD DIAMOND CRYSTAL - Glass Ceramic Coating 50 mL Kit (with applicator) AERO SHIELD CRYSTAL is a Diamond series ceramic coating designed exclusively for interior and exterior glass. When applied, CRYSTAL will protect glass from rock chips and scratches while adding a hydrophobic barrier that sheds water and contaminants. AERO SHIELD CRYSTAL will add a protective barrier for up to 1 year on interior and side glass while providing the same protection on windshields for about 6 months. Function: To add a ceramic protective coating to windshields, side windows and mirrors both inside and out. To Apply: Clean glass using AERO VIEW: dry thoroughly. For rough finish due to fallout, prepare glass surface using AERO GLIDE to smooth out and remove embedded surface contaminants. In a shaded environment, spray directly on to clean glass. Using a microfiber towel, spread lightly. When AERO SHIELD CRYSTAL starts to flash, buff lightly. Repeat steps over entire surface to be treated. To extend the life of your coatings, clean with water pressure and a mild, pH, balanced soap. Never use acid-based or high pH degreasers.
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