AERO Shield Diamond Phoenix

$ 69.99 USD
AERO SHIELD DIAMOND PHOENIX - Leather & Trim Ceramic Coating 50 mL Kit After years of research the AERO team has produced AERO SHIELD PHOENIX. PHOENIX is a rejuvenating breathable micro-thin ceramic coating specially formulated to be firm, yet flexible enough for leather, rubber, vinyl and plastic trim. AERO SHIELD PHOENIX works on interior and exterior surfaces blocking 99.9% UV, stains, spills and scuffs. With PHOENIX, the surface will be better than new, restored to its original finish, but with more rigidity and durability. AERO SHIELD PHOENIX is a flexible yet durable ceramic protection which is long lasting. A single coat of AERO SHIELD PHOENIX can last up to 3 years and once the protection has diminished, you can add another coat with minimal surface preparation. Function: To add a ceramic protective coating to leather, plastic, vinyl and rubber components. For interior and exterior use. To Apply: Remove all loose contaminants. Clean area to be coated with AERO IMMACULATE (on exterior trim surfaces only; remove remaining oils with AERO EJECT). In a well-ventilated area, apply AERO SHIELD PHOENIX to applicator provided. Spread evenly, making sure to cover all surface to be coated. Wait 4 to 5 minutes. Buff off remainder of coating, leaving area smooth and glossy. Strong odor will dissipate after 24 hours. Recommended second coat after l hour. Keep away from moisture for 12 hours. Full cure in 7 days.
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