AERO Shield Flight Progressive 4 in 1 w/ SiO2

$ 49.99 USD
AERO SHIELD FLIGHT Advanced SiO2 Wax Ceramic Coating 13.5 oz AERO SHIELD FLIGHT ADVANCED SiO2 WAX CERAMIC COATING WIPE-ON WIPE-OFF BEAUTIFIES - REPELS - PROTECTS AERO SHIELD FLIGHT WAX brings together the exact blend of carnauba, polymers and ceramic needed to bring out your cars luster while protecting it with the modern technology of a ceramic coating. This SiO2 infused cream wax is easy on, easy off and incredibly durable while adding unsurpassed gloss and protection for up to 1 year. AERO SHIELD FLIGHT is a DIY premium ceramic coating designed for ease of application with extended durability. FLIGHT contains modest amounts of SiO2 and is up to 10 times harder than traditional wax. AERO SHIELD FLIGHT ceramic products provide UV, scratch and fade protection while adding hydrophobic and color enhancement properties. FLIGHT will keep your ride clean longer than traditional products. One coat of AERO SHIELD FLIGHT can provide state-of-the-art ceramic protection for up to 1 year. Available in a traditional coating, spray or cream wax form. Now you can take FLIGHT anywhere. • Easy to apply • Resists scratches • Anti-static • High gloss • Mirror-like finish • Ultra hydrophobic • Weather protectant • UV blocking • Bug and dirt repelling • Easy to clean • Anti-corrosion • Preserves resale
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