AERO Shield Sealant

$ 49.99 USD
SHIELD is a catalyzed co-polymer that chemically binds to clear coated surfaces to create a deep, luscious shine, while also protecting those surfaces for up to two years. The easy to apply protectant has been a detailing staple of our sister company, International AERO Services, which has been cleaning multi-million dollar private aircraft for years. AERO SHIELD was derived from the same catalyzed protection that AERO has been applying to these large-cabin private jets for many years, and will provide the same long-lasting protection for exterior painted surfaces on your car. The product has been applied by AERO technicians on every new jet delivered from one of the most premier private jet manufactures and the results speak for themselves. The handy burst pack makes mixing simple, and the application is as easy as applying less durable waxes that won’t last nearly as long as AERO SHIELD. Maintaining with AERO SHINE will remove dirt and debris, while also adding additional layers of polymer to the surface.
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