$ 229.99 USD
AERO SHIELD DIAMOND is a 10H ceramic coating system with a travel bag that brings together the highest quality German ingredients and a reduced solvent structure that produces truly world-class results. Using cutting edge Nano Hexagonal Matrix Technology, in conjunction with unsurpassed levels of SiO2, SHIELD DIAMOND will give you a lifetime of rich, deep gloss while protecting your investment from UV fade, scratches and environmental damages for up to 7 years. The AERO SHIELD DIAMOND 10H ceramic systems include everything needed in 1 convenient package. Each system includes A Travel Bag, AERO SHIELD DIAMOND 10H, AERO EJECT, AERO POWER BLOCK, (3) 5”X5” SUEDE- MICROFIBER applicator towels and AERO HYDRO hydrophobic top coat for even more hydrophobic protection.
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