AERO Supple Leather Cleaner, Conditioner & Protectant

$ 23.99 USD
SUPPLE leather conditioner was developed to maintain the elite leather seats found on today’s private aircraft, and now it is available for your car. Imagine your seats looking and feeling as good as the day you drove your car off the showroom floor. Using SUPPLE will ensure that your leather seats last for the life of your automobile. It is not only the everyday use that causes leather to wear and tear, but it’s also using products containing substances such as silicone and wax that are not specifically designed to condition and protect delicate surfaces similar to leather. When exposed to the elements and everyday traffic, it is essential to replace natural oils into the leather interior to prevent deterioration and aging. After completing a routine interior cleaning, apply SUPPLE to all smooth leather surfaces to not only create a barrier of protection, but to bring back its original luster.
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